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Got Chef Stuff???  We do!!

MDF's have been selling off the shelves each week.  Simply the Best scope on the market.  Offering unbeatable warranty unlike some companies out there now.  Review their site up above for more info on the brand.

If you try on a pair of SANITAS in a store and think you will get it  online and have it fit the same....this may be untrue as they are all handmade and will vary.  Being they are all hand made, each shoe, left and right, and size may vary from pair to pair. And this is why it is important to try on, in person, the style/size you like @ local dealers for SANITA CLOGS.  Let the local dealers order for you and get it locally just in case they don't fit for you. 


In Stock Only Reflective vests/shirts all on CLEARANCE...  ALL TOP QUALITY FIRST COME FIRST SERVE.    reflective MFG of ours.


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FYI- Our old site has been changed to this site as a general info website.  Our old site was a shop site for everything, but we decided to close it down as a sale site and host it ourselves as a general product catalog site.


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Build and see your metal Badge here:
Any badges built online cannot be purchased online
For police officials looking for badge creation, please read below:

  A valid photo identification card  showing
  the  purchaser  to  be  a  member  of  the  police  department which has
  authorized  the  requested  uniform  or  an  authorization  to  purchase
  specified uniforms signed by the police chief or the police commissioner
  of   such   police   department   accompanied   by   a   personal  photo
  identification. For purposes of this  section,  "police  officer"  shall
  include  federal law enforcement officers, as defined in section 2.15 of
  the criminal procedure law; and "uniform" shall include all or any  part
  of  the  uniform  which  identifies  the  wearer as a member of a police
  department, such  as  the  uniform,  shield,  badge,  numbers  or  other
  identifying insignias or emblems.

The above still does not mean a badge will be approved or made.

Before you buy any new Danskos, know what you are buying and ask if they are made in China.  Sanita is the original maker of Danskos made in Poland and hand made.  Danskos now are not made by Sanita anymore.

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Our site here is not a sale site, but only a general info site.  We are located central to New York State in Utica, NY. In 1997. Dr. Uniforms ventured in many other fields.

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